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World War One Zoom-only session

(Please note that due to the rarity of these items they are now only used

in our zoom workshops, and are not available for hire)

Step into the boots of a WW1 'Tommy' soldier with a zoom explanation of a

unique kit bag full of high quality replica (and some genuine) items

Join Mr B in a very special interactive WW1 zoom session as he explains about the details of a soldier's life using all of these artefacts, from the contents of a soldier's pack to a medical pack and the associated items, all based on his own Grandad, a WW1 stretcher bearer called Richard Donaldson. Even though it isn't available for hire, like all our other boxes it comes with full access to lesson plans and the 360 images on a fully configured separate site where you can access all our additional content.  

Artefacts that Mr B shows in the session

  • Soldier's kit bag for pupils to wear 'Mess tin' for soldier's food

  • Several tins of food (weighted with no real food inside, for safety)

  • 'Tommy cooker' soldier's stove

  • Wash roll, containing:
    - toothbrush
    - tooth powder
    - 'Button stick'
    - flea powder
    - candle
    - Toilet paper
    - mirror
    - shaving brush
    - comb
    - spare leather laces
    - knife and fork (safe edges)
    - soap
    - show brush

  • Princess Mary tin (genuine,1914) with replica tobacco and photos

  • Oxo tin with cubes

  • Bag of hard tack biscuits

  • Medical pack containing:
    - (modern) bandages to use
    - replica WW1 bandages (sealed)
    - chocolate
    - stretcher bearer's armband

  • Soldier's trnch cap and badge

  • Access to all our 360 views, lesson plans and online video 

ww1 mess tin.jpg

The amount of items in this presentation makes this one of our most popular zoom sessions!


Particular highlights are the real Princess Mary tin with it's replica contents and pictures of the Royal Family; a 'wash roll' with all the contents required to keep a soldier clean and (hopefully) free from disease; a set of replica food tins which exactly match a day's trench rations and many more items that are all explained in the accompanying video.

So what are you waiting for?  If you are doing the topic this year and looking for a WW1 experience to enliven your curriculum book now!

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