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World War 1 Topic Box: A Soldier's Pack

Welcome to our WW1 topic box, containing a replica British Tommy soldier's pack with this huge collection of both real and replica artefacts for hire straight to your school to enhance your teaching and your pupils' learning.  


This contains the most items in all of our boxes and is a one-off, meaning we only have this single rare box!  It is based on the character of Mr B's Grandad, Richard Donaldson, who was a stretcher bearer in the First World War.  Doing this has allowed us to take a unique approach to this box as it requires no weapons and allows us to focus purely on a soldier's existence from a first aid point of view, while also allowing us to include a medical pack and the associated items. Like our WW2 box, it is perfect for many activities using our associated WW1 lesson plans.  

As well as these WW1 artefacts, each box also comes with a full video explanation on our video page and the usual 360 degree views that we have become famous for!


You are also welcome to let each pupil try the pack on along with the included cap, with a genuine WW1 RAMC badge on it to really step into the shoes of a WW1 soldier by feeling the weight they carried to the trenches.

The amount of items in this topic box make this our best value box and would cost many hundres of pounds if you had to purchase them to use in school.


Particular highlights are the real Princess Mary tin with it's replica contents and pictures of the Royal Family; a 'wash roll' with all the contents required to keep a soldier clean and (hopefully) free from disease; a set of replica food tins which exactly match a day's trench rations and many more items that are all explained in the accompanying video.


So what are you waiting for?  If you are doing the WW1 topic this year book it now to bring this special period in history alive for your pupils!

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