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A sample in-box activity from our Rocks and Fossils Box
(also for y6 Evolution topic)


1) Count
shark teeth


2) Sort


As well as a wide range of interesting and sometimes rare fossils and minerals, our exciting Rocks and Fossils box comes complete with this carousel task for you to run with your pupils in class.

Complete with full instructions, resources and worksheets, it allows you to teach beyond just the contents in the main box and extend your pupils' knowledge as well as their social and organisational skills as they try and sort the rocks and fossils in each of the four different rotating tasks.

3) Micro


4) Sort



The chosen tasks are designed to emulate the work of a Palaeontologist, including Counting Shark Teeth, which is concerned with quantifying; investigating Micro Fossils using powerful lenses in special viewing glasses, and sorting fossils and minerals in our two grouping tasks.

All in all, they fit in with our aim of trying to extend the learning of your pupils in a fun and educational way!

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