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Stone Age to Iron Age Artefact box

(Also now available as a zoom workshop, either with the box or as a standalone)

Discover the longest period in primary history with real flints, bronzes,

animal fossils and high quality replicas of stone and deer antler tools 

Welcome to our Stone Age topic box, containing these twenty real and replica historical Stone Age to Iron Age artefacts for hire straight to your school to enhance your teaching and your pupils' learning:

Artefacts in this box


  • Rhino bone

  • Bronze axe fragment

  • Neolithic fishing weight

  • Iron ore

  • Piece of Mammoth tusk

  • Mammoth hair sample

  • Cave bear tooth

  • Auroch tooth

  • Flint hand axe

  • Bronze ring money

  • Cave bear bone

  • Pot boiler stone

  • Neolithic pottery

  • Ostrich egg beads

  • Neolithic arrowhead

  • Bronze brooch


  • Deer antler hoe

  • Deer antler scythe

  • Flint Axe (blunted, very safe)

  • Bone needle

Full access to our unique online video360° images & free lesson plans


In addition, the box comes with this carousel task to raise pupils' enthusiasm for your topic and teach them the skills used by real archeologists in the comfort of your school (click images to zoom in):

1) Measure 


2) Sort metal samples


3) Measure real flints


4) Sort Stone Age items


All of these resources combined allow you to put together a memorable learning experience for your pupils, enabling you to teach about the key periods of the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Mesolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age (all explained in the planning) with authority and understanding that your teaching skills and the pupils deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Send your teaching and your pupils' learning of the prehistoric topic on to the next level with this brilliant Stone Age teaching resource that we are very proud to hire to you for use in your school. Booking slots are limited so enquire now to reserve yours! 

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