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Roman Britain Artefact box

(Also now available as a zoom workshop, either with the box or as a standalone)

Discover and develop the story of a fictional WW2 family

with this writing-focused box with character-related genuine artefacts

Welcome to our Roman Britain topic box, containing these real and replica Roman artefacts for hire and carefully selected to enhance the teaching and learning of your KS2 history 'Roman Britain' topic. 

Artefacts in this box


  • Celtic Brooch

  • Roman Britain Bronze Coins

  • Soldier's sandal hobnail 

  • Samianware Roman Pottery

  • Roman soldier's brooch 


  • Wooden 'Gladius' sword (very safe, blunt and smooth)

  • Chainmail shoulder piece (wearable)

  • 'Sponge on a stick' (for use on Roman toilets!)

  • Small helmet model

  • Stone Altar

  • Oil lamp

  • Sundial

  • Wooden spoon

  • Gladiator sculpture model copied from Pompei

  • Roman soldier auxilliary diploma

  • Full instructions and lesson ideas

Access to all our 360 views, lesson plans and online video 


In addition, the box comes with this carousel task to raise pupils' enthusiasm for your topic and teach them the skills used by real archeologists in the comfort of your school (click images to zoom in):

1) Three Men's



2) Knuckle



3) Roman



4) Coin




All of these high quality items provide your teaching with the resources you require to teach all about the occupation of Roman Britain with ease and bring your Roman lessons to life in a totally new way, whether it is for your year 3, year 4 Roman topic, or in fact any other year group you choose to use it with.  

year 4 pupils handling roman artefacts f

So what are you waiting for? Send your teaching and your pupils' learning of your Roman Britain topic on to the next level with this brilliant Romans primary teaching resource that we are very proud to hire to you for use in your school. Booking slots are limited so enquire now to reserve yours!