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Rocks and Fossils Artefact Box
(also for y6 Evolution topic)

(Also now available as a zoom workshop, either with the box or as a standalone)

Handle and sort a wide range of genuine rocks and fossils from

minerals and Megalodon teeth to tree ferns and an insect trapped in tree sap!

Welcome to our Fossils topic box, containing these twenty real fossils and minerals for either your y3/4 'Rocks and Fossils' or y6 'Evolution' topics to enhance your teaching and your pupils' learning.

Rocks and fossils featured in this box


  • Megalodon tooth

  • Woolly Mammoth tooth

  • Tree fern

  • Bivalve sea fossil

  • Carbon fish fossil

  • Dinosaur bone section

  • Polished dinosaur bone (to see bone marrow pattern)

  • Trilobyte fossil

  • Sea urchin fossil

  • Dinosaur eggshell fragment

  • Spinosaur tooth

  • Sand shark teeth

  • Polished and unpolished ammonites

  • Polished tree section

  • Coprolite (dinosaur poo)


  • Amethyst

  • Pyrite

  • Aragnite sputnik

  • Lodestone

  • Quartz point

  • Selenite

  • Kryanite

  • Black Obsidian

  • Dolomite

  • Emerald

  • Green Opal


In addition, the box comes with this carousel task to raise pupils' enthusiasm for your topic and teach them the skills used by real paleontologists in the comfort of your school (click images to zoom in):

1) Count

shark teeth

2) Sort


3) Micro



4) Sort



But that's not all!

As well as these artefacts each box also comes with a full video explanation which you can view here on our video page, online 360 degree views and lots of Fossils and evolution lesson plans.


So what are you waiting for? Send your teaching and your pupils' learning of your rocks and fossils or Evolution and inheritance topic on to the next level with this brilliant fossils and primary science teaching resource that we are very proud to hire to you for use in your school. Booking slots are limited so enquire now to reserve yours! 

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