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Our prices explained

Here are four reasons why our prices are set at the level they are, which combined together provide outstanding artefact-based learning for your pupils.


1.  Outstanding artefact quality

We believe that the quailty of our artefacts are second to none in the market, as well as being extremely original and very carefully selected to work well together and provide a full and rounded educational experience for your pupils.  We have made it our goal to match every single item to the topic and also the box theme.

prices explained 3 enlarged.JPG

3.  Resources, resources, resources!

When you hire a box from us, you are not simply hiring the use of the artefacts but also a wide range of supporting resources such as the video explanations, the free lesson plans and the 360° views, the combination of which is completely original and unheard of in the education sector! 


2. They are always in perfect condition

The problem with buying artefacts is that they quickly can get damaged or lost in school, but now you can forget that worry with one of our boxes, delivered intact, constantly maintained and in perfect condition when you want them!

prices explained 3 enlarged.JPG

4.  A Massive investment

Simply put, we have invested an incredible amount of time and money to make our boxes perfect for you!  The project took almost 5 years from start to finish, including sourcing and making many items, extensive testing and much more!

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