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PRIMARY TEACHERS: Hire a brilliant topic box with incredible artefacts, online resources and an in-box task to bring your History and Science topics to life!

"Absolutely fantastic!! Children were engaged from start to finish and I enjoyed it as much as them!" 

Mr Dunn, Year 5 Teacher, Bolton.

Choose a box ..

Each of our primary school artefact boxes contains a large selection of high quality real and replica teaching artefacts ready to be shared, investigated and handled by your pupils after a video introduction of EVERY artefact delivered by our company founder and experienced teacher, Darren Birchall (Mr B to the pupils), who also leads our fantastically interactive zoom workshops.


With the actual item in their hands that is being shown on screen by Mr B, pupils are able to examine key features, feel its weight and texture and truly experience history and science from a personal perspective.  

If you have every used a museum loan box in school you know the massive learning benefits that this can bring, but add to that our 360 degree views with questions for pupils to investigate on ipads or laptops, an in-box activity to complete in class as well as loads of lessons plans and you have a truly excellent set of primary history teaching resources that we firmly believe is the best of its kind on the market.


So what are you waiting for? Explore the site and drop us a line via the enquiry form for bookings or any queries.

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